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1-2-1 Empowerment Coaching

“Find Your Inner Viking”

As Viking Mindset Coach I take my clients on a powerful 12 week-long Viking Journey. Together we board a majestic “Viking Ship” and, as we sail off towards “new lands”, we begin with a deep dive to find out where they are at the moment and where they desire to go. I then coach my clients through the “9 Noble Viking Virtues” Through my coaching my clients will:

✅️ Obtain the tools needed to make the big and necessary decisions in order for them to find their lost confidence.

✅️ Understand how to achieve a good and healthy balance between their masculine and feminine energies 

✅️ Conquer their fears and the barriers that have held them back.

✅️ “Reach shore” confident as a strong, powerful Viking King

Service Detail (optional)

✅️ 1 Call a week for 12 weeks

✅️ Unlimited messenger support 

✅️ Accountability

✅️ Guarantee: At the end of 12 weeks you will have regained your inner confidence and found some life balance or I will work with you until you do 

✅️Worksheets and checklists


Why work with Johan?

A: Johan has been where you are and knows how it feels to be free but yet stuck. With no direction and knowledge on how to move forward. His unique coaching program is built on his own Viking Journey. He is a listening person and can relate to your situation. By exploring where you are he will then take you on an empowering Viking Journey and help you conquer your lost confidence.

Johan Rylander

Viking Mindset Coach

The Viking Mindset Coach - I empower male victims of domestic abuse to conquer their lost confidence by creating a Viking Mindset to find a good balance between masculine and feminine energies in order to find their inner Viking.

Johan Rylander


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